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Lightweight Brick
Lightweight Brick
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Specification of

Hebel Brick / Brick Lightweight cellular concrete which is air bubbles caused by the chemical reaction, dough AAC generally composed of quartz sand, cement, lime, a little gypsum, water, and aluminum paste as a developer (air filler is chemically).
After the dough is mixed perfectly, will rise for 7-8 hours. Aluminum pastes used in the dough, in addition to functioning as a developer he was instrumental in influencing the hardness of the concrete. The volume of aluminum paste is in the range of 5-8 percent of the dough is made, depending on the desired density.
Aerated concrete dough is then cut to size. The dough is aerated concrete that is still raw, and then inserted into the autoclave chamber or by hot steam and high pressure are given. The temperature inside the autoclave chamber at around 183 degrees Celsius. This is done as a process of drying or curing.
When mixing quartz sand, cement, lime, gypsum, water, and aluminum paste, a chemical reaction occurs. Aluminum powder which reacts with calcium hydroxide in the quartz sand and water to form hydrogen. The hydrogen gas bubbles forming in the concrete mix before. These air bubbles make the volume becomes two times larger than the original volume. At the end of development or foaming process, the hydrogen would be lost to the atmosphere and immediately replaced by air. Air cavities were formed that made it into lightweight concrete.

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